5 Best Table Saw Fences In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you simply want to know what we chose as our #1 pick for the best table saw fence, then we recommend the SHOP FOX W1410 as the best choice.

We all know that the quality of your table saw has a big impact on how effective it is when it comes to woodcutting; cheaper table saws will naturally be less durable and accurate, and will simply not cut as well as a more expensive saw.

However, many woodworkers – especially beginners – are not aware of how much a difference it makes to have a good quality fence on a table saw.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a table saw with a perfect fence, then it’s time to realize the effect it can have on your woodcutting.

A better fence means not only better accuracy, but safer woodcutting experience as well.

In this article, we will take a look at five of the best fences you can buy to use with your table saw – before that, we will go over some things you must consider in order to make the best purchase possible for you.

The five table saw fences we are going to review are:

Best Table Saw Fence

5 Best Table Saw Fences Reviewed

Based on all of the various factors that we outlined to help you determine which fence is best for you, here are the five best fences that we think are worthy of a purchase.

They are as follows:

1.SHOP FOX W1410

This fence from Shop Fox with standard rails is a great overall fence, and is our #1 pick because it is a very strong fence system for table saws, it stays perfectly aligned during repeated cuts, and it is as secure as you need to be in order to allows for complete accuracy.

This fence is best for 27-inch tables, so if that works for you then you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

The fence has easy-installation, a breeze to attach into your table saw in a matter of minutes, right out of the box.

This fence locks on both ends and has fine positioning knobs to help with installation as well.

A major benefit of this fence is that it attaches easily with most of the big table saw brands; as mentioned this fence system really is durable and you do not have to worry about it breaking.

This fence also has micro adjustment knobs which, as discussed, helps a lot with accuracy for woodcutting.

This fence weighs a bit over 37 pounds and has a rip capacity of about 25 inches.

All in all, this is a fantastic table saw fence.


  • sturdy
  • easy-installation
  • micro-adjustment knobs (accurate)
  • stays aligned during repeated cuts
  • fits with most big table saw brands


  • difficult to understand owner’s manual

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2.VEGA U26

This is a slightly-more-expensive step up from the W1410, yet it is also a great table saw fence.

This fence fits well onto a wide variety of table saws and comes shipped with front and rear railings for clamping – to the left side, the rip capacity is 8 inches and, to the right, 26 inches.

Although this fence model is advertised as versatile in terms of its ability to fit a lot of table saws, with many saws you will still have to drill holes to make it fit.

This fence system has a sturdy fence slider that helps make woodcutting easy; the fine adjustment knobs allows for precise measurements and the fence locks so well that it will not budge one bit during repeated cuts.

This fence is 34 pounds (built from steel) and is easy to assemble.


  • great build
  • quite versatile
  • micro-adjustment knobs
  • easy to install


  • only two brackets to hold the main rail

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This fence system from Delta has a massive rip capacity, 34 inches to the right and 16 inches to the left.

As far as fences in our top give go, this fence system is expensive; if you have a higher budget and need a large rip capacity, then this is the fence for you.

Made from high-quality steel, this fence is as solid as they come – it has a three-point locking system that keeps it in place during use.

This fence does not have fine adjustment knobs but does have a hairline pointer, which works in a similar way.

This fence is 65 pounds.


  • great build and durability
  • very large rip capacity


  • heavy
  • no easy-to-install
  • expensive

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4.DELTA 36-T30T3

Another model from Delta, this table saw fence is good quality but also cost-effective.

This fence is intended for table saws that are 27 inches only, and even then you may have to drill holes if you don’t have the ‘right’ table saw.

This fence locks securely, which is one of its main benefits – it will not budge during repeated woodcuts.

It moves very smoothly during use as well.

This fence has measurements along the entire length of the table, yet no micro adjustments.

This fence weighs about 65 pounds.

Overall, this is a solid fence if it happens to fit your table saw.


  • cost-effective
  • secure
  • smooth during use


  • only fits 27″ table saw
  • no easy-installation (may need to drill holes)

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5.SHOP FOX W2006

Another offering from Shop Fox, this fence system has a large rip capacity as well – a total of 54 inches, which is certainly a feature to boast.

As far as installing goes, it is quite versatile and able to fit most major table saw brands with ease; that said, if you don’t own a table saw that is a major brand, installation may be a bit difficult and require drilling holes.

This fence has very precise fence adjustments thanks to a self-adhesive scale ith a magnified cursor – the alignment stays fixed during use.

This fence system has a long handle that is adjustable, and comes with legs that are attached to the railings in order to provide extra support.

For the most part, this saw is easy-to-install.

This fence weighs a little over 76 pounds.


  • very large rip capacity
  • good build
  • sturdy


  • heavy
  • expensive
  • may have to drill holes to install
  • no micro-adjustments

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

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Things to Consider

Fences come in all various prices, sizes, quality, etc.

Choosing the right table saw fence for you will be based on a variety of factors, such as:


Everyone has a budget, and that is perfectly okay – what might be the right table saw fence for someone else may not be the one for you, solely based on how expensive it is.

Generally, as you can expect, the higher the budget the better the fence… but, that said, there are great table saw fences at all price ranges.

You do need to consider durability; what may seem to be a less expensive table saw fence may actually end up costing you more in the long run due to excessive replacements or repairs.


The weight of a table saw fence is an important factor to consider as well – you want to purchase a fence that is neither too heavy or too light.

Lighter fences may not be durable, uncapable of handling the stress and abuse that naturally occurs in the craft of woodworking; too heavy of a table saw fence and this can actually warp the tabletop, or cause other damage.

In our opinion, a fence between 30 and 50 pounds is perfect – we made sure to point out any fences in our top five that are out of this weight range.

Rip Capacity

It’s very important to choose your table saw fence depending on how large a rip capacity you desire; depending on what size lumber or plywood you typically cut in your woodworking, you may require a different table saw fence than someone else does.

Even though you may not need a big rip capacity right this minute, be sure to take into account the possibility that you may require a larger rip capacity sometime in the future; if you don’t take this in to account, you may be forced to buy a brand new fence somewhere down the line.


Naturally, the better materials used for the table saw fence, the longer it will last and the less it will break.

Preferably, the fence you choose will be made from strong material such as steel or aluminum; on the other side of the spectrum, generally avoid fences made from wood, fiber, or plastic (they tend to break much easier than other materials).

Also, it’s important to remember that just because a fence seems bulky and sturdy, doesn’t mean it will be able to handle the intense act of woodcutting.

Table Saw Size

The length of a fence is yet another factor to consider when choosing the right one to purchase for you; obviously, the fence you buy must be able to fit the table of your table saw but also must extend out from one end.

It is not advised to place a large fence on a small saw, or vice versa.

Most likely, you chose the size of your table saw depending on what type of woodcutting you choose to do; subsequently, the size of your table saw fence should correlate to the saw it will be placed on.


Fences exist to help your table saw (and you) achieve better accuracy – so, when you are deciding on which fence to purchase, be sure to choose one that allows for micro adjustments.


The alignment of your table saw should hold true even when making repeated cuts in your wood; if the alignment does not stay the same after multiple cuts, this means inconsistent cuts which is not ideal.

The better a fence is at holding its measurement and alignment during use, the better the fence is.

The only way to figure out how well a fence stays aligned during woodcutting is to look at past customer reviews, which we’ve made sure to do in the review portion of this article.

Ease Of Installation

Over-complicated or difficult installation of any contraption, in woodworking or otherwise, is not an enjoyable process; if this matters to you, be sure to check that the fence you decide to buy is easy to install to your table saw.

Otherwise, you may have to drill holes into the rail system or perform other unnecessary tasks; without easy installation, you may also have to modify the fence so that it ‘lines up’ properly.

Different fences are made for different table saws, so be sure to read the manufacturers advertising to see whether a fence will work with your table saw.

How-to Align A Table Saw Fence

A good table saw fence is useless if it is not aligned properly; so, be sure to align it before every woodworking session when you are using the saw.

Not only is it difficult to make accurate cuts with a fence that is not aligned, it is dangerous – this can cause kickback and other hazards that you do not want.

So, before cutting with your table saw, perform the following steps to align your system:

  1. If connected, disconnect the table saw from the power source.
  2. Align the blade with the miter slot (if not already aligned).
  3. Now, slide the table saw fence up until the face flush by using your finger on the sidewall of the miter slot.
  4. Using the finger, slide it down to the miter slot and back to edge in order to see if both ends are flush.
  5. If it is not flush, you need to adjust the fence – set the screws with an Allen wrench and adjust them until the ends are even.


Considering all the various factors and elements of a table saw fence that are most important to woodworkers, the SHOP FOX W1410 model is our #1 pick.

This fence is sturdy, cost-effective, easy-to-install, good weight, accurate, and durable – it truly performs well in almost all of the categories we outlined in the first part of this article, and it is a great investment for any woodworker who is serious about their craft.

But, of course, all the fences featured in this article are good options and are worth taking a look at.

Be sure to do your own research and consider your own budget, compatibility, and needs to determine which table saw fence is best for you.

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