5 Best Hybrid Table Saws Under $1000 In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you simply want to know what we chose as our #1 pick for the best hybrid table saw, then we recommend the RIDGID R4512 as the best choice.

Choosing the right table saw to purchase is a difficult decision – as you may be aware, table saws can last a very long time; the saw you purchase today may be the same one you are using 10 years from now!

This is especially true if you have a budget of $1000 – this is enough money to invest in a great saw that will be able to cut all the lumber you will ever need to cut, without breaking down or needing parts fixed.

So, since choosing the right table saw is such an important decision that is not to be rushed, we’ve compiled the top five best table saws under $1000; more specifically, this article is about hybrid table saws.

The five hybrid table saws we are going to review are:

Best Hybrid Table Saws Under 1000

5 Hybrid Table Saws Under $1000 Reviewed

Based on all the considerations, features, accessories, and other factors we’ve discussed, here are the five best table saws under $1000.

1.RIDGID R4512

The RIDGID R4512 is our top pick as the best hybrid table saw you can buy online for a $1000 or less; this saw is powerful, versatile, and accurate.

This model is built to last you a long time – the materials are solid and it is very sturdy, much sturdier than most other table saws in this price range. The tabletop is made from cast iron (great quality) and the vibration is minimal during use.

At 267 pounds, this saw is not lightweight by any means – that said, it does come with wheels so that you can transport it or move within your workshop. Obviously, considering the size and weight of this saw, it is not ‘portable’ by any means.

The rip capacity on this saw is sizeable as well – 15″ to the left, 30″ to the right, which is more than ideal.

The major downside of this particular package is the lack of safety features; this saw is on the pricier side, and if it came with all the accessories then it would be over $1000.

If safety is of particular importance to you, you may want to take a look at the other saws we’ve included in our top five.


  • durable
  • stable
  • easily adjusted
  • comes with wheels
  • great motor
  • sizeable rip capacity


  • lack of safety features and accessories

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2.DELTA 36-5000

This is another very-well made hybrid table saw model that is sturdy and accurate in its woodcutting.

This saw is a powerful one, with the ability to handle almost any lumber you throw at it; it is also well-built, sure to combat wear-and-tear from regular use.

At 305 pounds, you do not have to worry about sturdiness – this saw will not budge during use, and the vibration while woodcutting is next to none.

Although this is a heavy saw, it does come with wheels that allow you to move it within reason.

This saw has a 30-inch rip capacity as well, which is certainly something to boast.

Although the motor is quite powerful, users have complained that it doesn’t work as advertised when used with an extension cord; not only that, but there has been complaints of poor customer support and faulty machinery upon delivery that needs to be replaced.

So, this is an excellent table saw when working properly.

Again, with this model there are minimal safety features included, which may be a dealbreaker for some.


  • sturdy
  • very accurate
  • easily adjusted
  • well-built and durable
  • accepts dado stacks
  • comes with wheels


  • difficulties with motor when powered with extension cord

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This is a fantastic hybrid table saw model from the well-known and reputable woodworking brand Grizzly.

This saw is built very well, with a cast-iron tabletop and high-quality materials all around. The motor is quite powerful and all the measurements and alignments are as precise as you could hope for.

The fence system is ‘easy glide’ which means it is a piece of cake to adjust.

As you can expect from such a well-built and heavy saw (462 pounds), it is very sturdy during use.

This saw comes with a riving knife and dust collection.


  • high-quality materials
  • durable
  • comes with riving knife and dust port
  • good motor


  • dust port has issues

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Another model from the woodworking brand Grizzly, the G0715P model is aother great hybrid table saw that packs a lot of power.

This saw delivers on all the three most important categories; precision, efficiency, and safety.

The fence system is easy-glide as well, which means woodcutting is a breeze – this is only helped by the solid motor this saw comes with.

The saw comes with basic safety features, such as anti-kickback pawls, a riving knife, and an On/Off safety switch that is easy to reach during use.

This saw also has a built-in dust port.


  • solid built
  • easy-glide mechanisms
  • decent safety features (such as dust port)


  • poor blade quality
  • occasional difficulties with blade mechanisms

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5.WOODTEK 159665

This hybrid table saw model from Woodtek is a very efficient and easy-to-use piece of machinery, especially compared to other electric saws in this price range.

Right out of the packaging, this saw is easy to assemble – this is why, if you are a beginner woodworker, you cannot go wrong with this saw.

This saw is on the lighter side out of all the saws featured in this article, therefore making it slightly more portable than the rest.

This model comes with a dust port which is a great benefit safety-wise.


  • lighter
  • easily assembled
  • great for beginners
  • all-around solid saw


  • durability issues
  • poor miter gauge
  • not as sturdy as other models

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Things To Consider

As mentioned previously, table saws are meant to be an investment, not an impulse purchase – therefore, it is important to strongly consider what features are essential to you and what features or not.

There is a wide range of capabilities and sizes of hybrid table saws within the $1000 range; so, although we’ve compiled our picks for the best hybrid models, it is still crucial to do your own research in order to make a smart investment.

Here are some things you need to consider before buying any type of electric saw:


Table saws (and any electric saw, in general) are naturally one of the most dangerous tools you can use for woodworking; accidents happen everyday, and when these accidents occur during the use of a table saw, the consequences can be significant.

So, it is mandatory to mention that safety should be a consideration when deciding on which hybrid table saw to purchase – how important safety is or how much it matters is entirely up to you.

Different table saws have different safety features.

If you’re lucky, the table saw you decide to purchase may have a built-in automatic brake (called a flesh sensor) – that is, when the blade makes contact with human skin, it automatically shuts off. This does damage to the saw that must be replaced, but most people can agree that it sure beats a lost finger.

Hopefully – at the very least – your table saw will have a safety stop button that is easy to reach during use, in case of emergency.

Other common safety features usually included with a table saw purchase are:

  • riving knife (this helps protect the woodworker using the saw from the blade, as well as prevents kickback)
  • blade guard (many woodworkers see blade guards as essential – this feature protects fingers from the moving blade)
  • anti-kickback pawls (these protect the user from dangerous kickback that naturally occurs during woodcutting with an electric saw)
  • push stick (this allows woodworkers this benefit of feeding wood through the saw without having to have fingers too close to the blade)

Of course, it is always important to wear gloves, eyewear, and other protection when using any type of woodworking machinery.


Besides the safety features and accessories just mentioned, there are many other accessories that you may or may not deem essential when purchasing a table saw.

Since this article is about table saws within a sizeable $1000 budget, most of the saws featured will all three of these accessories:

  • fence (almost all table saws include a fence – this simply support the lumber when it is fed through the blade)
  • miter gauge (again, almost all table saws will include a miter gauge – this allows woodworkers the ability to make angled cuts)
  • dust collection (whether a dust port matters or not is entirely up to you – this protects users from hazardous sawdust during use, and not every table saw has this feature)


Of course, the accuracy of a table saw in how it cuts wood is a big factor in how ‘good’ a table saw is; a hybrid table saw in the $1000 price range should be able to cut wood smoothly and precisely, so all of the saws featured in this post are accurate (some more than others).


When it comes to table saws, a powerful motor is desirable; depending on the type of wood you use or how advanced a woodworker you are, this may be an especially important factor.

Even if you are only a beginner woodworker and don’t think you need a heavy-duty 5 horsepower in your hybrid table saw, just remember that five years from now you might be cutting thicker and more difficult lumber.

In our opinion, a motor with a horsepower of at least 3 is ideal.


How easy it is to adjust the alignment of your table saw blade is an important factor to consider; the more easily adjusted, the better and smoother your woodcutting will be.

If you are an avid woodworker doing lots of heavy cutting, you will benefit from adjustability especially.


A table saw’s blade plays a big role in how its cuts lumber.

With a $1000 budget, most of the table saws will come with a solid saw blade – that said, it’s worth taking a look at anyways since a poor blade can make a difference.

Obviously, blades can be purchased from hardware stores like Lowes or The Home Depot, but if you are buying a table saw in anyways, you might as well save yourself a trip to the store and buy one with a great blade.

Most of the saws included in this article come with great saw blades that don’t need to be replaced right off the bat.


Durability plays a key role in how we chose the best hybrid table saws to include in this article.

Remember, table saws are an investment – within the $1000 price range, you should be able to buy a saw that will last you 5-10 years, if not more.

The materials used to build a table saw (and how it’s built) will have a large effect on how long a saw will last; now, obviously it is totally unique to the woodworker… a saw that is used everyday will likely not last as long as a saw used once a month.

Fortunately, a $1000 budget is enough to get a great table saw that is built well and very durable – this was a strong factor in how we chose which hybrid models to include in this guide.


When it comes to portablity, size, and weight, this hardly matters for hybrid table saws – these models are not meant to be portable and small, since they are essentially a cheaper version of contractor saws.

But, it is worth mentioning in case you are looking for a hybrid table saw that can be transported easily – it is totally up to you whether this is important or not.

Just remember, the smaller and more portable a table saw is, the less stable it is likely to be.


Stability is a major part of a table saw – without stability, cutting wood can be a pain which defeats the entire purpose of the saw in the first place.

Thankfully, hybrid models (especially in the $1000 price range) are not build to be portable, but to be heavy, bulky, and – therefore – stable.

Another factor that falls under the stability category is the vibrations that occur during the use of the saw – this mostly has to do with how the saw is built and what the tabletop is made out of (among other factors).

We’ve made a point to highlight any saws in our top five that fail to prevent vibration during use.


All things considered, the RIDGID R4512 is our #1 choice as the best table saw you can buy for under $1000; this model is robust, powerful, accurate, sturdy, and adjustable – everything you need in a table saw to carry out all the woodcutting you need to do.

Again, we must reiterate that every woodworker is unique to one another – certain features or aspects of one table saw may appeal to you that are not important to another.

For example, the RIDGID R4512 lacks safety features that other table saws have… if this matters to you, than purchase a saw that comes with blade gaurds, dust port, push sticks, etc.

Any of the five hybrid table saws featured in this guide are fantastic for a budget of $1000 or less.

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