Ultimate Small Shop Review, Is It Worth the Money?

Today I will be writing a comprehensive, unbiased review after buying and going through the well-known Ultimate Small Shop course.

In this review, I will be explaining what exactly this product is all about and how it helped me in setting up a woodworking workshop for much cheaper than it is usually thought to be.

A big barrier to entry when it comes to woodworkers and woodworking is the cost of buying tools, electric machinery, and other items that are required to set up a ‘work-shop’ in which you can successfully take on new woodoworking projects.

If your budget is something that has prevented you from getting into the great craft of woodworking, then you will find this review post particularly interesting.

That said, this course is intended for anyone who is either interested in or already engaged in woodworking. The course is intended to save you money and time, giving you the precise directions you need to build a woodworking workshop with good-quality tools for only a fraction of the price you’d pay at big box stores like Lowes or The Home Depot.

Does the Ultimate Small Shop course deliver on what it claims to do?

That’s exactly what you will find in the Ultimate Small Shop Review.

Who Am I?

Hi. I’m Paul Smith, a ‘weekend warrior’ woodworker with a passion for this craft that inspired me to create this website, WoodworkerMagic.com.

My goal has been to help other woodworkers ‘navigate’ the big wide world of woodworking, helping people like you with the questions I had when I was first starting out.

When I was a beginner, I had yet to build and design my own personal woodworking workshop. I knew the importance of having my own space for my projects and builds, but I was afraid that it would cost far too much.

After all, I was only working with wood on the weekends – why would I need to dump thousands into building my own workshop? Wasn’t that only for the pros?

Luckily, I found ‘Ultimate Small Shop’ and realized that I was kidding myself.

Every woodworker needs their own woodworking woodshop, and the idea that it costs massive amounts of money to create your workshop is just a myth.

That is, unless you are spending more than you have to at stores like The Home Depot or Lowes. This is exactly what the Ultimate Small Shop is about, and it helped me so much I decided to write this review.

Is Ultimate Small Shop Worth The Money?

Yes, Ultimate Small Shop is well worth the money it costs for the course. The guides you get when you purchase this product will save you thousands, allowing you to create and design your very own woodworking woodshop with high-quality tools and everything you could possibly need inside, for only a fraction of the price it would usually cost.

The Ultimate Small Shop has helped me and countless others figure out how to build a workshop that is ‘fit for the pros’ but costs less than you could ever imagine.

Especially if you are a newer woodworker and have yet to build your own workshop, The Ultimate Small Shop course and guide is an absolute necessity.

What Is Ultimate Small Shop And How Does It Work?

This product claims to help woodworkers ‘set up a complete small workshop on a budget’, and this is exactly what it does.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Ulitmate Small Shop:

How Is This Product Put Together?

The main product, ‘How To Set Up A Complete Shop on a Budget’, is an eBook.

Snippet of Table of Contents page from Ebook
Snippet of Table of Contents page from Ebook
Snippet of Table of Contents page from Ebook

This means it is a PDF file that you get access to instantly after purchasing. No wait times, no shipping costs, nothing – as soon as you buy the Ultimate Small Shop, you are on your way to setting up a workshop on a budget.

It’s worth mentioning that this guide is packed full with an insane amount of information and helpful tips – in fact, the actual guide is over 200 pages long!

And this is just the main guide – the product comes with other eBook guides as well, not to mention compete audio recordings if you prefer to get your information that way.

Snippet from Members Area

Don’t like eBooks? Do you prefer to consume your books physically?

Not to worry – there is an option to get the Ultimate Small Shop as a physical book, for only a little bit of extra money.

If you prefer manual books, then it is certainly worth the extra price.

Snippet from Members Area

In addition to the main guide, there are many other bonus guides and PDF’s included that are just as helpful as the main one – we will get into these later.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for any and every woodworker who wants to spend less money on their tools and build a fully-complete workshop on a budget, equipped to take on even the most heavy woodworking projects.

Although this course is best intended for beginners, advanced woodworkers have also saved thousand’s of dollars just by implementing many of the tips & tricks inside the guide.

If you want to set up a woodworking workshop or improve your current one at only a fraction of a price of what you’d usually pay, the Ultimate Small Shop is for you.

What Do You Get Inside?

If you purchase the Ultimate Small Shop through the links provided in this review post, you will get each of the following:

Ultimate Small Shop
Bonus Pack Included with deal
  • How To Set Up A Complete Shop on a Budget (this is the main guide – over 240 pages long, this PDF includes everything you could possibly want to know on how to develop and design a woodworking workshop on a budget, including how to acquire tools and machinery as cheap as possible, and how to build a workshop in any environment! This guide alone will save any woodworkers $1000’s.)
  • The Workshop Cheat List (a 27-page guide on how to buy lumber and told for insane discounts)
  • A Guide To Workshop Layouts (a 41-page guide on exactly how to set up and build your woodworking workshop, no matter how big or small your allotted space is)
  • Audio Recordings (audio files of the entire ‘How To Set Up A Complete Shop on a Budget’ guide)
  • 7 Deadly Mistakes When Setting Up Shop (a guide on how to avoid the common mistakes woodworkers make when building and designing their workshop)
  • Top 20 Tools For Shops of Any Budget (a list of the tools recommended to woodworkers of any skill level or budget)
  • Essential Tools For The Complete Shop (a guide on the essential woodworking tools every woodworker must have in their shop, no matter how experienced you are)
  • Beginner’s Toolbox For Starting Woodworker (the tools that beginners must have in order to be successful as a woodworker)
  • A Basic Guide To Woodworking Tools (a guide on how-to-use all the basic woodworking tools – this is very helpful for beginners!)
  • Woodworkers’ Guide To Hand Tools (a guide on how to use hand tools – very useful since most guides are focused on how to use electric machinery)
  • Walls, Doors, Ceilings & Insulation (just as the title suggests, this is a guide on how to work on these lesser-known areas of woodworking that require prior knowledge to execute properly)
  • How To Setup A Tiny Workshop In An Apartment (a guide on how you can set up a woodworking workshop even if you only have 9×9 feet of available space!)

All of these guides are PDF files that you can download immediately after your purchase, although you can also get the main ‘How To Set Up A Complete Shop on a Budget’ as a physical book if you are willing to pay extra.

Who Created Ultimate Small Shop?

The creator of Ultimate Small Shop is a guy named Ralph Chapman, the ‘Small Shop’ expert.

Ralph Chapman

Ralph, according to information found online, is an expert woodworker who has been passionate about the craft for over 25 years. He says that he had the same struggles that you and I have – small budgets, trying to afford expensive tools, setting up a workshop, etc.

He channeled these frustrations and the Ultimate Small Shop course & guides to help woodworkers like us.

It seems as though he really did include every single tip & trick that he could think of and included it in this product. There is so much info in this product and he did a great job of writing it all out in an organized, easy-to-understand manner.

It appears that Ralph has a good reputation on the internet and in the woodworking community, which makes sense considering how popular the Ultimate Small Shop is and how many woodworkers have benefited from it.

How I Came Across Ultimate Small Shop

As I’ve said, I am a ‘weekend-warrior’ type of woodworker. As in, I don’t do this every single day. It is a passion, but not one that takes up my whole life.

So, because I have a job and life outside of woodworking, I cannot afford to spend thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on woodworking tools, supplies, and accessories.

Since I realized I needed to set up a woodworking workshop (I knew how important it is to have your own space to work on your projects) I searched on Google ‘how to set up a woodworking workshop for cheap’ and ‘how to save money on woodworking tools’.

It is likely that if you are interested in the Ultimate Small Shop, you experienced the same issues and were searching for the same type of solutions to your problem.

I eventually stumbled upon Ralph Chapman and this product. I read reviews (similar to what you are reading right now) and read forum posts that spoke highly of this product and how much money it saved them, as well as how easy it is to implement and take action on the information provided in this guide.

So, I decided to purchase the Ultimate Small Shop – compared to any alternatives, it was by far the most popular and most praised by woodworkers online.

On top of that, the price seemed like a steal and the many bonuses and additions made it a no brainer.

To help you figure out whether the Ultimate Small Shop is for you or not, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this product.

Ultimate Small Shop: An In-Depth Look

Once I decided I was going to purchase this product, I went to the website to place my order. I had found a link from a blog that said if I purchased through that link, I would get access to a bunch of bonuses (similar to the bonuses you can get when you buy this product through the links in this post).

Obviously, I wanted the bonuses to get the biggest bang for my buck.

The link led to the website that I ultimately ordered from (and you will have to order from as well) is UltimateSmallShop.com.

Once I was there, I was greeted by a classic internet Landing Page.

The very first thing I saw was a headline and a video with Ralph that said ‘Click Play For A Special Presentation’. The video is just Ralph explaining the product and the benefits it has.

The video almost seems a tad ‘cheesy’ but I guess it’s just what you have to do to sell a product.

Scrolling down, the Landing Page looked exactly how many other internet landing pages looked online, which can sometimes be enough to make me wary of purchasing. But, since I had read all the good reviews and forum posts of people praising Ralph and the product, I felt safe ordering.

Also, the video testimonials included on the Landing Page were enough to make me buy the product.

After purchasing and downloading the main guide, I instantly knew that the Ultimate Small Shop was worth it.

To help you decide, here are some pros and cons of the product.

  • the guides & bonuses can be downloaded immediately after buying
  • Ralph Chapman does a great job organizing the information so that it can be read and consumed very easily
  • the guides & bonuses include everything you could possibly need to know about setting up a woodworking workshop and buying tools on a budget
  • the guides come with complete demonstrations of how to do everything Ralph tells you to do
  • the guide comes with a ‘no-questions-askedrefund guarantee – if you don’t think the product was worth the money after your purchase, you can ask for a refund and get your money back almost immediately
  • there are unadvertised bonuses included with the purchase as well (link here)
  • Ralph has over 20 years of experience in woodworking, so you are getting the real help & knowledge you need – no ‘fluff’ or unnecessary information
  • the sales page and video reminded me of other internet products that aren’t worth the money
  • the main guide almost included too much information, you can’t consume it all in one sitting

Where To The Buy Ultimate Small Shop

You can buy this product online at the main website.

But, if you would like access to the main product as well as all the bonuses that we mentioned in this post (including other unadvertised bonuses as well) you must buy the product through this link:


Has Ultimate Small Shop Worked For Me?

Yes, the Ultimate Small Shop guide and other bonus guides have helped me with the following:

  • set up a complete woodworking workshop for less than $1000
  • buy all the woodworking tools and machinery I need at large discounts
  • advance my experience level as a woodworker (from beginner to intermediate/pro)
  • saved me countless time & errors that other beginner woodworkers make
  • helped me build my full workshop with the small space I had

If you are a woodworker who really wants to take your experience and ability to take on projects to the next level, then the Ultimate Small Shop course is the fastest way to do so.

After using this product and designing my own workshop, I’ve gotten so much better at woodworking and my passion for the craft has only gotten greater.

What Did Others Have To Say?

Here are some videos of past Ultimate Small Shop buyers talking about the product:


And there was this one too…



Is Ultimate Small Shop A Good Solution For You?

If you are a woodworker and want to save money on woodworking tools & accessories and want to set up or improve upon your workshop, then Ultimate Small Shop is a perfect product for you.

For how cheap this product is, it is a no-brainer considering how much money it will save you in the short- and long-term.

Do I Stand Behind This Product?

Of course I do!

In my many years of woodworking there are very few products that I can 100% recommend, and this is one of them.

It is well worth the price and I cannot recommend it enough to any woodworker reading this right now.

I am sure you know the frustration of spending way too much money on woodworking tools and machinery, not to mention just how dang expensive it is to try and set up your very own workshop.

Even if you are in a very small space with a tiny budget, The Ultimate Small Shop will give you the exact step-by-step blueprint to building a workshop that you will be proud of, as it has done for me and many others.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this review helped you determine whether buying The Ultimate Small Shop is a good idea for you. I think that after reading this post, you will know have a clear option for how to build your own workshop at a fraction of the price you would usually pay.

I am not here to promote or recommend anything that I do not believe in, which is why I feel I am doing every woodworker who reads this post a favor by recommending this product from Ralph Chapman.

If you are looking to take the next step in your woodworking ‘career’, do yourself a favor and grab the Ultimate Small Shop today!

You can buy through this link to get all the extras & bonuses: Click Here

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