5 Best Table Saws Under $300 In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you simply want to know what we chose as our #1 pick for the best table saw under $300, then we recommend the GOPLUS Table Saw as the best choice.

Table saws are one of the best investments a woodworker can make, no matter how new or advanced you are as a craftsman; sometimes, it just so happens that we are limited by the tools we use, and purchasing a table saw may be all it takes to take your ‘woodworking game’ to the next level.

The issue with table saws (or any electric machinery, for that matter) is that they tend to be expensive – it can be a lot for a weekend woodworker to bite the bullet and drop $2000 on a piece of equipment.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It is perfectly okay to buy a budget table before you decide it’s time to make the large investment.

Is a $300 jobsite table saw going to compete with a $3000 cabinet saw? Absolutely not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not smart to bridge the gap with a cheaper saw until you are more experienced and ready for an expensive one.

Before we highlight our top five table saws that are $300 or less, we will go over various things to consider to help you make the best purchase possible.

The five saws we are going to review are:

Best Table Saw Under 300

Best Table Saws Under $300: Reviews

Based on all the various features, qualities, and accessories we’ve discussed in this article, we’ve compiled the five best table saws available for online purchase that are under $300.

They are as follows:

1.GOPLUS Table Saw

This model is our #1 pick as the best table saw under $300, for a few reasons.

For one, compared to other saws in this price range, it has a great motor and can handle harder woods that similar saws cannot; not only is it powerful, but it cuts with the accuracy of a much more expensive piece of machinery.

Secondly, it has a larger rip capacity of 26″ which is more than can be said of similar saws – the blade it comes with is quite good as well, and all the measurements and tools are as accurate as need be.

The fence is self aligning and easy to use, as is the entire saw for woodcutting.

This saw comes with legs that are fairly sturdy during use, and the entire saw is built well with good materials.

Not only that, but this saw comes with most of the accessories and features you need, including a riving knife, miter gauge, push stick, and blade guard.

All in all, this is a great table saw under $300 and you cannot go wrong with purchasing it.


  • great motor
  • well-built and sturdy
  • comes with decent safety features and accessories
  • large rip capacity


  • no dust port or anti-kickback pawls

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For the price and size of this table saw, it is quite powerful; not only that, but the tabletop is sizeable enough and, along with the solid rip capacity, this saw can handle larger pieces of wood that other saws in this price range cannot.

This saw is also much sturdier than other saws that are less than $300 – the legs are well built, as is the entire saw as a whole.

This model comes with a miter gauge and rip fence, although not many other accessories besides those and a dust port.


  • sturdy
  • powerful motor
  • dust port
  • solid build
  • larger tabletop


  • not many safety features
  • heavy tabletop vibration during use

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3.ROCKWELL BladeRunner

If you’re really on a budget, then this is a table saw you really do not want to miss.

Weighing just 17 pounds, the Rockwell BladeRunner table saw is as portable as they come.

If stability and durability are not at the top of your list of features you desire in a table saw, then this is a great option as a ‘stand-in’ table saw that will last you a year or so, until you are ready to bite the bullet and purchase a more long-lasting saw.

For how small this saw is, it is surprisingly powerful; it has a miter gauge for angled cuts and the rip capacity is larger than you might expect. It does come with a riving knife and dust port, which certain saws twice this saw’s price do not.

Setting up this saw right out of the packaging is a breeze, and the blade can be swapped out for another with ease.

Like we said, don’t expect this saw to handle all your hard lumber cutting for the next 5+ years – but, for how cheap this saw is, it is definitely worthy of purchasing.


  • lightweight and compact (very portable)
  • easy to set up
  • comes with dust port and riving knife


  • rip capacity not as large as other saws
  • cheaper build materials
  • no stand

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This table saw from Dewalt is a solid option for a sub-$300 electric saw.

With a rip capacity of 20 inches, this saw can handle a decent size of lumber; the blade it comes with is solid as well, and the motor is as powerful as you might expect for a piece of equipment within this price range.

This saw is as portable as they comes, with handles allowing for easy transportation and a light weight of just 48 or so pounds.

This model comes with a miter gauge, push stick, and blade guard; it has a built-in dust port as well.

Overall, this is a great table saw from a very reputable brand.


  • easy to carry
  • portable
  • solid accessories
  • dust port


  • no stand
  • below-average durability

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5.SKIL TS6307-00

This is a 10-inch portable table saw that is great for beginner to intermediate woodworkers.

Is it perfect? Certainly not, but for the sub-$300 price point it is definitely worth its cost.

Despite not being able to handle harder woods, this saw is decently powerful; not only that, but it comes with legs that work well and are sturdy enough during use.

This saw comes with a dust port, miter gauge, anti-kickback pawl, riving knife, and a solid blade – all the safety features and accessories you could want.

All in all, this is a solid table saw.


  • great accessories & safety features (including a dust port)
  • comes with legs


  • not very sturdy
  • cannot cut hard woods

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Things To Consider

When it comes to table saws within the $300 price range, you will not have the space to pick and choose different features and accessories that you would be able to with a larger budget.

But, that said, it is still important to know the various elements that we took into consideration when choosing our top five table saws.

This includes:


Most (if not all) table saws that are $300 or less will be, to some extent, portable.

The cheaper table saws tend to be job site saws, which means they are intended to be transported from destination to destination; a saw that is portable will typically lack certain characteristics that a $2000 saw might have, such as stability, durability, and rip capacity.

That said, just because a saw is smaller and less expensive, doesn’t mean it can still be a pleasure to cut wood with – it all depends on how well the saw maker was able to balance portablity with other design features.

Within the $300 price range, although the saws will all be compact and portable, some may be more easily transported than others – if this is important to you and you plan on bringing your saw to different jobsites (as opposed to leaving it in your shop), then make sure to consider this before purchasing.


As mentioned, ultimate stability during use is a feature you forfeit with a smaller budget and portable table saw; despite this, certain saws within the $300 price range will be more stable than others.

It typically depends on how the stand and legs of the saw are built and constructed – we make sure to highlight stability and take this into consideration when ranking our table saws, as you should as well.

Rip Capacity

Rip capacity is yet another element of table saws that you don’t have a lot of flexibility with in the $300 or less price range.

Larger and more expensive saws have larger rip capacities, meaning they can handle large planks of plywood as opposed to smaller 2×4 pieces of lumber.

The smaller and more portable a table saw is, usually the smaller the rip capacity; but, certain saws within this price range do have varying abilites, and we make sure to highlight this when reviewing the saws.

It’s important for you to determine whether a large rip capacity is a deciding factor or not as to which saw you end up purchasing.

Build Quality

Once again, with a $300 budget, you will not have the privilege of choosing a table saw that will last you 10 years or more.

But, that doesn’t mean certain saws within this price range will still be more durable and better-built than others.

The materials used to construst a saw and the parts within will play a large role in how long it lasts until your saw must be replaced; obviously, it will entirely depend on how much your saw is used, the type of lumber you cut, etc.

It is very worth it financially to consider how well-built and durable a table saw is before you purchase it.


Your table saw’s blade is a crucial part of the saw, and different table saws come with different quality blades.

Generally, for $300 or less the blade your table saw ships with will not be excellent, but there is certainly a range. You may even have a spare blade in your shop, meaning that it makes no difference to you how good a saw’s blade is or not – it’s entirely up to you.


The accessories a table saw comes with are an important factor to consider when making a purchase.

Accessories either make the woodcutting and woodworking experience easier or safer.

Common table saw accessories include:

  • riving knife (this helps prevent users from kickback and the blade)
  • miter gauge (this allows woodworkers the benefit of angled cuts)
  • fence (most – if not all – table saws will come shipped with a fence, which helps support wood as it is pushed through the saw blade)
  • blade guards (this protects users fingers from coming in direct contact with the blade)
  • anti-kickback pawls (this helps contain kickback during use of the saw – kickback is a very common source of injury associated with using electric machinery)
  • push stick (this is a safety accessory that acts as an extension of the woodworkers hand so that they don’t have to get their fingers too close to the saw blade when feeding wood through)
  • sensors (this turns the saw off when human skin comes in contact with the blade – this will probably not be a feature on any saw under $300)
  • dust port (this gives users protection from hazardous sawdust, a natural result of electric saws)

It will be difficult to find an electric table saw within the $300 price range that has all these features, so you must pick and choose which features and accessories are most important to you when deciding on which saw to purchase.

A Word On Safety

Besides the safety features that may or may not be included with your saw, it is crucial that you take extra precautions in order to protect yourself from the hazards that come with woodworking.

Unfortunately, an electric saw that costs less than $300 will not have an automatic sensor that shuts the saw off when the blade makes contact with human skin – so, it is essential to always be aware of where your hands are in relation to the saw during use, and never use the saw when tired (or in any state other than alert).

It is also important to always wear some sort of eyewear and gloves – this will protect you from kickback and other hazards, such as sawdust (some saws under $300 won’t have anti-kickback pawls or a dust port).

Staying safe is the key to good woodworking, so make sure to always do everything in your power to make sure your woodcutting is as safe an experience as possible.


The GOPLUS Table Saw is our #1 pick because it performed well on all the various categories that we outlined in the first half of this article; for under $300, this saw is a very ‘worth-it’ purchase that will allows for a good woodcutting experience, while lasting years to come as well.

That said, any of the other saws featured in this article are great options for any woodworker who is not ready to buy an expensive table saw.

Make sure to do your own research and choose the right saw for you based on the features, accessories, and characteristics that are important to you.

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