Average Table Saw Cost (With 15 Examples New and Used)

If you are a passionate woodworker but have yet to purchase a table saw, then maybe now is this time – table saws are considered ‘essential’ in the woodworking world and will help you become more experienced and allow you to take on more advanced projects than before.

If you’ve decided you want to buy a table saw, it can be difficult to know exactly how much you should pay and what table saw to get.

The best table saws can cost anywhere from $300 to $3000+. The fact is that there are a vast number of various table saw models, all with different functions, accessories, features, and prices. That said, you can find a solid used table saw that works well for about $200-250.

In this article, we will go over some examples of table saws you can buy as well as some basic information and prices of each.

Average Table Saw Cost
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New Table Saws

Obviously, new table saws will be more expensive than used ones… but, that said, the extra price you pay for a new saw might be entirely worth it.

Remember, electric machinery is an investment – these saws can last you up to 10 years or more, so if you have the money saved up then nothing beats a brand new, never used table saw.

Here is a list of some table saws from well-known and trusted woodworking brands along with basic info and prices when purchased new:

MakeModelPrice (Approx.)

SKIL 10-inch Table Saw (TS6307-00)

The TS6307-00 is a another great portable table saw model from the SKIL brand.

This is a table saw that costs slightly less than $300, brand new.

Overall, this is a great option for any woodworker looking for a saw that is lightweight and transportable but packs a solid amount of power thanks to the motor.

The built-in legs allow for sturdy woodcutting, and the saw comes with a good array of accessories and safety features.

DEWALT Jobsite Table Saw (DWE7485)

DEWALT is a very well-known and reputable brand in the woodworking world. They make great saws, more specifically they make great table saws, machinery that is not made cheaply and will last you a long time.

The DEWALT 7485 is a great portable table saw that will cost you less than $400, brand new.

This saw is accurate in its cutting, with great measurements and also a solid motor on it as well for how small it is.

This table saw model is very compact – you can throw it in the trunk of your car or even carry it (thanks to the built-in handles) to wherever you need to go.

This saw is great overall jobsite table saw that comes with all the safety features and accessories you coud want, including a dust port.

SKILSAW 10-inch Portable Worm Drive Table Saw (SPT70WT-01)

This is a very powerful table saw that has a unique built-in worm drive system to give you the same strength a larger (and more expensive) table saw might have

This saw model costs around $450, brand new.

As mentioned, this compact saw can handle all the wood you could ever need to cut.

Not only that, but it is precise and accurate in its cutting. The fence is self-aligning and comes with all the bells and whistles you could want.

Bosch Portable Jobsite Table Saw (GTS1031)

Bosch is a very well-known company is the woodworking industry, and they’ve been making great table saws that work well and last a long time.

The GTS1031 model costs slightly less than $500.

This is a portable table saw, one that is particularly lightweight and easy to carry around from location to location. The built-in handles make it easy to carry.

Suprisingly, this table saw is quite sturdy when being used. The vibrations are minimal and the motor packs a solid amount of power for how small the saw is.

All in all, this is a great table saw that is very worth the listed price.

Metabo Jobsite Table Saw (HPT)

The Metabo HPT is another job site table saw that is quite portable and easy to maneuver within your workshop.

This saw costs around $475 USD, brand new.

A great benefit of this saw is the ‘overload protection’ which shuts off the saw automatically if it is ‘being pushed’ past it’s capabilites.

This saw also comes complete with accessores and safety features.

The Metabo HPT has easily-adjustable fences and blade height, which is also ideal.

Bosch 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw (4100-10)

Another great table saw from the brand Bosch, this model is also portable but it also has a stand and the height can be adjusted.

The 4100-10 table saw model will cost you around $600 USD.

The benefits of this model over the GTS1031 other than the height is also the precision. Not only that, but this saw is more powerful and allows for very effective and efficient woodcutting.

The features and accessories this saw comes with all contribute to the very fair price it costs to buy this saw brand new.

DEWALT 10-inch Table Saw (DWE7491RS)

Another table saw model from Dewalt, this is a very versatile saw that cuts wood in a powerful way.

Brand new, the Dewalt DWE7491RS will cost around $600-700.

In our opinion, the price of this saw is very worth it considering the amount of wood it can handle. In addition to this, the rolling stand makes for very easy transportation and the accesories it comes with are more than satisfactory.

Grizzly 10-inch Hybrid Table Saw (G0715P)

The G0715P table saw from the reputable woodworking brand ‘Grizzly’ is a great option for a hybrid model.

This table saw model will cost about $900 USD, brand new.

As you might expect from a saw within this budget, it is built solid with good parts and long-lasting machinery.

This saw is sturdy during use and vibration is minimal. Not only that, but the motor within this saw packs a good amount of power.

All the safety features you could need – including a dust port – are included in this model.

RIDGID 10-inch Cast Iron Table Saw (R4512)

This is a hybrid table saw model from a reputable brand that works well, is built with high-quality materials and is sturdy during use.

The Ridgid R4512 costs around $1000.

As mentioned, this saw will last a while – you can cut a lot of wood with this machine and it will show no sign of wear and tear, which is why this saw is more expensive than other hybrid models.

This saw lacks safety features, and the ~$1000 price range seems fair considering the large rip capacity and overall functionality of this table saw model.

Grizzly 10-inch Cabinet Table Saw (G0690)

Another model by Grizzly, this is an excellent table saw that is worth the price it costs to buy it.

This table saw – a step-up from the G0715P model – costs about $2000 USD, brand new.

This is a very well-built and sturdy table saw made from high-quality materials.

As you might be able to see, the heavier and more stable a table saw is, generally the more expensive it will be – this is certainly evident with the G0690 model.

With this table saw, you will have no problem cutting whatever type of wood you throw at it.

It is precise and accurate in it’s woodcutting, and the fence system works very well and is easy to adjust.

And, as you can expect, this saw comes with all the basic safety features and accessories.

Grizzly Industrial Cabinet Table Saw (G0651)

This is a table saw that is an investment, not a simple purchase.

The G0651 model from Grizzly costs about $2,500 brand new.

What sets this model apart from other cabinet table saws (such as the G0690 model, also from Grizzly) is the ‘heavy-duty’ nature of this machine. This table saw is made from very high-quality materials and will last a long time and can handle a lot of ‘abuse’ without needing replacement.

Also, this saw comes with premium features such as thermal overload protection that protect it from breaking.

The motor this saw comes with is very powerful and it also has all the safety features and accessories you could hope for in a table saw that costs this much.

SAWSTOP 10-inch Cabinet Table Saw (PCS175-TGP236)

This is a perfect example of a ‘top-of-the-line’ table saw model, one that costs a lot of money but is of the highest quality you can find on Amazon.

The PCS175-TGP236 from Sawstop will cost about $3,300 USD.

Yes, it is expensive, but for this table saw it is worth every penny. What seperates this table saw from, for example, a couple of the portable Dewalt models we featured in this article is the materials used to build this saw, the precision, power, durablity, and efficiency.

Truly, this saw packs a lot of power. Since this is a very heavy table saw, this model has no portabilty whatsoever but is extremely stable and sturdy.

Every piece of this table saw works fantastically – there will be no ‘mechanical’ issues with the fence or adjustments as there may be with cheaper table saw models, and any type or amount of wood you need to cut will be no match for this saw.

This table saw also has all the basic safety features and accessories but also has a safety system that stops the moving blade if it comes in contact with human skin. This means there is little risk of injury when using this saw, which explains why it is so expensive.

When you compare this table saw model to the sub-$300 models we’ve included in this article, you can get an idea of the benefits and features you get when you are willing to pay more for a brand new table saw.

Now that we’ve gone over a wide range of new table saws and their prices, let’s take a brief look at how much you’ll pay for used table saws.

Used Table Saws

Buying any type of product or machine used can always potentially be a risk, especially if you are not familiar with the ‘ins and outs’ of how much something should cost.

When it comes to table saws, it can certainly be a gamble as to whether a purchase is worth it or not. Obviously, it is always best to buy new but considering how expensive table saws can be it is perfectly okay to buy used.

When buying used table saws, it is very important to look for any damages or areas that may need a repair on the saw. When it comes to woodworking, our equipment takes a lot of abuse and machines break regularly – so, extra caution is needed when buying used table saws.

If you want to buy a used table saw, you need to read our How to Buy a Used Table Saw on the Cheap first.

Here are three used table saws that are available for purchase online to give you an idea of how much you should be paying when not buying new.

MakeModelPrice (Approx.)

Rockwell BladeRunner Portable Tabletop Saw (RK7323)

The RK7323 is a very portable (and miniature) table saw that can be purchased used on Amazon for very inexpensive.

You can get this model used for $120 USD.

As mentioned, this saw is small – 17 pounds to be exact – that is surprisingly effective for how little it is.

It can handle decent sized pieces of plywood and can be set up in seconds.

For anyone who is doing serious woodworking, this table saw is not enough – but, this is a perfect example of how cheap you can get a used table saw if youre budget is very low.

Delta Contractor Table Saw (36-5100T2)

This table saw from the reputable brand Delta is a great mid-range option for a used saw.

This model costs a little over $900 when purchased used.

This is a contractor table saw that has a powerful motor and a sturdy build, with quality materials and an easily adjusted fence system.

If you have the money for a great saw but can’t afford the higher-scale models that cost $1200+, this is a great option for a used saw.

SKILSAW Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw (SPT99-11)

This is a table saw model from Skilsaw that is a moderately portable yet powerful saw.

You can purchase the SPT99-11 table saw model used for about $1,200 USD.

This saw has a rolling stand that allows you to bring it from POoint A to Point B with ease.

It is precise, accurate, and has all the safety features and accessories you could want – this is a great example of a used table saw that is high-quality but still affordable.


There you have it – 15 different examples of table saws, new and used, to give you a picture of how much you can expect to pay when choosing a saw for purchase.

Remember, table saws are intended to be investments as opposed to purchases… so, although it may seem like a lot of money upfront to acquire a solid table saw, it may result in the advancement of your skill as a woodworker and the type of projects you are able to take on.

Whatever the case, a table saw is an essential part of a woodworker’s toolbox so any purchase should be done with consideration.

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