5 Best Hybrid Table Saws In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you simply want to know what we chose as our #1 pick for the best hybrid table saw, then we recommend the Shop Fox W1819 as the best choice.

If you are an avid woodworker, then you may already own a table saw in your arsenal of woodworking equipment – if you don’t already own one, then perhaps it’s time you get one!

Table saws are a majorly essential electric saw that every woodworker who is serious about their craft should own; more specifically, a hybrid table saw is great because it offers the stability of a cabinet maker saw without breaking the bank.

In this article, we will go over the features and what you need to look out for when choosing the best hybrid table saw for you, and then we will give you the five best hybrid table saws that you can buy online today.

The five saws we are going to review are:

Best Hybrid Table Saws

5 Best Hybrid Table Saws Reviewed

Considering all the elements of table saws we’ve just discussed, here are our five top picks for best hybrid table saws.

1.Powermatic PM1000

The Powermatic PM1000 is our #1 pick as the best hybrid table saw for woodworkers.

This saw is versatile, efficient, and powerful; as far as table saws go, this model satisfies all the important features and benefits we’ve discussed in this article.

The table top is cast iron and it is overall a very sturdy piece of woodworking equipment – vibration is minimal during use which is a major plus for many woodworkers.

Also, there is a dust collection features as well that works great. The woodcutting is as accurate as you would expect from a table saw of this price range.


  • dust collection
  • smooth wood cutting
  • powerful
  • sturdy & stable
  • hands-free power switch
  • great blade guard


  • not very portable
  • not as many safety features as other saws

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2.Shop Fox W1837

This hybrid table saw model is very stable and has a great motor; not only that, but it is precise with it’s cutting and all the measurements are perfect.

It is also built very well, with a cast iron table top and steel wings – this saw will stand the test of time and can endure plenty of lumber cutting.

One of the unique features of this saw is the foot-activated lift system, where you can lift up the table in order to move the saw from one place to another.

This saw has an interchangeable riving knife and the vibrations during use are next to none.


  • standard rip capacity
  • interchangeable riving knife
  • built-in dust port
  • comes with dado table inserts
  • comes with push stick and miter gauge
  • kickback protection included


  • the fence is sometimes not accurate
  • tabletop not perfectly flat with some models

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3.Shop Fox W1819

Another table saw from Shop Fox, this model is less portable than the W1837 since it has no rolling wheels and it’s a bit heavier; but, if stability is important to you, this is a great hybrid table saw for a very cost-effective price.

This saw is very durable, with a cast-iron table top and enough space and rip capacity to rip all the wood you need. It is precise, accurate, and all the measurements are on point.

The riving knife is easy to use and it has all the basic safety features you need, including thermal overload protection and a magnetic switch.


  • durable
  • precise
  • large table-top
  • includes dado table inserts
  • efficient and powerful


  • not portable
  • users have occasional difficulty with the fence

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This table saw model is another great choice for the value – for how good this saw is, it is relatively inexpensive.

This saw ships with all the basic safety features you need, including a push stick, miter gauge, blade guards, and others.

Fence adjustments on this saw as smooth and easy – it also has a rolling stand, so moving it around from one place to another is easy as well.

The motor is as good as you’d expect for this price point, so no complaints there.

Overall, this is a very accurate, safe, and versatile hybrid table saw.


  • great motor
  • good safety features (including a dust port)
  • portable
  • can accept dado blades


  • rolling stand needs to be assembled
  • intended for easy lumber

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5.Bosch 4100-10

This hybrid table saw from Bosch is a great choice for any woodworker who wants an easy-to-use saw that is durabe and safe.

This saw is made with a cast iron top and is as precise as you need it to be. It packs all the power that you might expect from a saw of this size, maybe even more; not only that, but it is relatively compact and on the smaller side.

With the built-in rolling wheels, this saw can be moved around fairly easily. The legs can actually be adjusted so that you can control how tall or high off the ground it is, which is a unique feature not found in many other saws.

The safety features this saw comes with – anti-kickback pawls, smart guard technology, push stick, miter gauge, and riving knife – are everything you need to feel safe using this saw.


  • good safety features
  • easy to use
  • powerful motor
  • durable
  • smaller and portable


  • must assemble the wheels yourself
  • blade guard gets in the way during use
  • dado insert must be bought seperately

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Things You Need To Consider

The big wide world of table saws is a vast one – there are a lot of various features that you might not have even thought were important.

Hopefully this section will give you all the information you need so you can make an educated purchase.

How Do Hybrid Table Saws Differ From Normal Table Saws?

There are a few different unique features of a hybrid table saw as opposed to a ‘normal’ table saw.

To start, hybrid table saws are a big step-up from your basic job site (portable) or benchtop table saw – they resemble your heavy duty tabletop saws. They are more powerful, durable, and sturdy then the smaller and weaker job site table saws.

You can look at hybrid table saws as a middle-ground between contractor and cabinet-style table saws; they are smaller and weigh less than the cabinet table saws but use similar motor configurations (although they will not be as powerful as cabinet saws).

This means that the cutting experience is far better on a hybrid table saw compared to a job site saw; these models can handle much bigger and much more lumber and cut more accurately and efficiently, not to mention they will do so all the while lasting longer as well.

Now, the obvious downside of hybrid table saws – compared to job site table saws – is the lack of mobility. You essentially forfeit the ability to easily transport your saw in exchange for a more stable and powerful woodcutting experience.

So, by offering a middle-ground between job site and cabinet table saws, hybrid table saws are a great way to step-up your woodworking game without having to make too much of a large investment.

Who Should Buy A Hybrid Table Saw?

Hybrid table saws are best intended for those who are not yet ‘advanced’ or expert enough in woodworking and need a heavy-duty, massive cabinet saw.

A hybrid table saw is likely too much for a woodworker who is still a newbie; in that case, a portable, smaller saw usually works best.

Because of the lack of portability, hybrid table saws are not for anyone who needs to transport their saws to various locations or job sites.

So, in summary, we recommend hybrid table saws for those who want an upgrade from their job site table saw – if you want to increase the amount of lumber you can cut and do so much faster, efficiently, and accurately, then a hybrid table saw is a good investment for you.

What Are The Main Features Of A Hybrid Table Saw?

Table saws are capable of handling many different types of cuts, and over the span of your woodworking ‘career’ you will likely be performing a wide range of cuts with your saw – so, you will want to buy a saw that has an easily adjustable blade so that you can swap them out for one another without hassle.

Remember, table saws can last you up to ten years or more – look at this as an investment, not a simple purchase.

You will also want to make sure your hybrid table saw has a quality fence and a solid miter gauge; in addition to this, blade guards are ideal.

Some other features you will want to look for in a table saw include:

  • motor (how powerful is the table saw, and how powerful do you need it to be?)
  • motor type (different motor designs have varying levels of vibration – is that important to you?)
  • materials (is the table saw made from durable materials? Is it important to you how long your saw will last before needing replacement?)
  • built-in dust port (sawdust is hazardous to your health and annoying to clean up – does your saw have dust collection? Do you care?)
  • measurements (are the measurements easy enough to read?)

A Word On Safety

As with all woodworking equipment and electric machinery, safety is a major priority to always have in mind.

And, as you can expect, hybrid table saws (as with all other table saws) can be very dangerous, causing injuries ranging from lost fingers to lost limbs.

The main safety issue to consider is the danger of the spinning blade; every single time, before you use your table saw, you must set the blade height so that you can feed your wood throught the blade without being too far away from it.

That way, you can see what you are doing and avoid any ‘slips’.

Another safety concern is the kickback of the wood – as you will see from the saws we feature in this article, most of them have anti-kickback paws or other features to better protect you from this danger while using the saw.

That said, not every saw you will encounter has built-in anti-kickback features – this is something to consider when choosing the best hyrbid table saw for you.

Also, it’s crucial to always use a push stick when using your table saw; these act as an extension for your hand so that your fingers aren’t close to the blade. Most saws will come with a push stick – if you don’t already own one, make sure the saw you choose includes a push stick (otherwise, it’s worth it to buy this separately).

And, as a final point, always make sure to wear safety glasses whenever you are using a saw of any kind, electric or not.


There you have it, our top five picks for best hybrid table saws on the market.

All the saws we featured in this article are great options for any woodworker – it’s important to read the first section about the various features and things to consider that are important when it comes to such a large topic like table saws.

The saw that is best for you truly depends on the type of woodworking you are doing, your skill level, safety concerns, etc.

We picked the Shop Fox W1819 as our #1 choice because it is a great all-around hybrid table saw that is worth every penny – that said, you can’t go wrong with any of the saws we included in our top five.

No matter what saw you end up picking, remember to pay great attention to how you store and handle it, not to mention regular maintenance and upkeep.

If you take care of your saw, it will last you 10 years or more – this is why buying a great table saw is not simply a purchase, but an investment.

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