5 Best Table Saws For Beginners In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a rush and don’t want to read the entire article to find out which table saw is best for beginners, here you go: our #1 choice is the SKIL TS6307-00.

Table saws are amazing pieces of electric woodworking equipment and are a must-have for anyone serious about their woodworking projects.

If you are a beginner woodworker and have yet to make the investment into a good table saw, it can be overwhelming when you start doing research and are presented with 100+ different options of saws to buy.

This is why we’ve made it easy for you and, in this post, we’ve reviewed the five best table saws for beginners.

In this article, we are going to review the following table saws:

Best Table Saws For Beginners

Best Table Saws For Beginners Reviewed

Here are the 5 table saws best suited for beginner woodworkers who are ready to take the next step in their woodworking ‘career’.

Make sure to do you own research and evaluate your specific needs to before purchasing in order to choose the best table saw for you.

1. SKIL TS6307-00

This table saw is our #1 choice for beginners.

This saw is completely portable, moreso than other ‘portable’ table saw – this means it is perfect for smaller workshops or for bringing around to various locations.

It is all collapsable so it stores easily or fits into your car.

This saw has rack and pinion fence rails, which means the fence remains parallel to the blade of your saw – this results in fast and precise cuts, a lot better quality cuts than you might expect from a small table saw.

The foldable legs work great, and one of the reasons this is our #1 choice for a beginner table saw is because it can act as a portable saw or work perfectly fine in a shop.

This saw also has a built-in dust port elbow which means less sawdust in your lungs and an easier cleanup.

This table saw comes with a blade guard, push stick, miter guage, anti-kickback pawl, riving knife, and a blade – all the features you could ever need to get you started.


  • with a 15-amperage electric motor and 5000 RPMs, this table saw offers all the power you need
  • this saw is convenient due to its collapsibility
  • this saw has a built-in dust protection
  • this saw can use dado blades
  • design and color scheme makes measurement easy to read
  • can be used in-shop or outside, whichever you prefer


  • legs can be rickety so the saw may not be as stable as you need during use
  • the legs may malfunction when collapsing for storage

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2. BOSCH GTS1031

This table saw is surprisingly stable and cuts very well considering it is completely portable – not only that, but it is durable as well.

This saw can handle a surprising load of lumber considering just how portable it is – the materials that make up this saw are durable and will last a very long time until it needs to be replaced.

Also, the rip fence allows for accurate cuts that are easy to execute.

In addition, this saw comes with anti kickback paws, a riving knife system, a saw blade, miter gauge, and a push-stick.


  • this saw comes with a carbide saw blade that is as good as you need it to be
  • also comes with other accessories such as a push stick, blade guard, and miter gauge
  • easily handled and stored
  • this saw can accompany dado blades
  • easily transported thanks to a carrying handle


  • the blade height adjustment is near the on and off switch
  • the fence and table can only handle an 18-inch cut max
  • the blade guard is too wide to rip narrow pieces
  • this saw does not come with dust protection

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This is a great portable table saw with wide ripping capacity.

It is easy to transport but just as sturdy as you can expect for a smaller table saw.

This saw packs as much power as youd expect for a portable table saw, and the metal roll cage means it will be able to withstand years of abuse.

This table saw comes with anti-kickback pawls, miter gaue, push stick, a blade, and a riving-knife –


  • this is a very versatile saw that can handle many different variations of wood sizes and cuts
  • the fence makes for very precise and accurate woodcutting
  • accessories such as miter gauge, blade, and push stick are included
  • the riving knife is easily replaceable


  • this table saw is not compatible with dado blades – if that is a feature you desire, do not purchase this saw
  • this saw does not come with
  • the miter gauge is not as good as other table saws
  • this saw does not include a stand
  • this saw does not come with dust protection

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This saw is slightly higher budget than some of the other saws featured in this article; as far as beginner woodworking goes, this saw is not entirely necessary.

That said, if you have the funds and are willing to invest in a higher-quality saw such as this one, it will likely last you longer than cheaper ones.

This table saw comes with a great blade, a rolling stand (making for easy movement), push stick, rip fence, miter gauge, and blade gaurds.

This saw is very stable, moreso than the other table saws featured in this post – it’s power is impressive and can handle most lumber you throw at it.


  • this table saw includes all the accessories and features you need
  • 15-amp motor means it can handle most wood you throw at it
  • has a lot of rip capacity compared to other portable table saws
  • can accompany a dado stack


  • slightly more expensive than the other models featured in this article
  • this table saw is larger than other portable table saws, so it requires more space and is less portable
  • this saw does not come with dust protection

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This table saw is very powerful, more so than the other table saws features in this article due to its built-in worm drive system.

If you are looking for a saw that can truly cut through all the wood you need and more, this is the saw for you.

This saw is portable yet packs a punch – it can cut all the lumber you’ll need to cut, and thanks to the self-aligning rip fence your woodcutting will be precise as well.

This table saw comes with a balde, miter gauge, blade guards, anti-kickback paws, and push stick.


  • 15-amp motor and 5300 RPMs means it packs some power
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • the motor can run for longer than other table saws in the same price range
  • this saw can fit dado blades (as long as you purchase the dado insert, which may be sold separately)
  • the design makes the numbers/measurements on the saw easier to read


  • the quality of some of the materials on this saw are not as good as you might expect for a saw of this pricepoint
  • some of the features on this saw are not as sturdy as other table saws
  • this saw does not come with dust protection

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How To Choose The Best Table Saw For You

As mentioned, there are so many table saws out there avilable for purchase. The prices of these table saws ranges from a couple hundred ($200) to $2000+.

It is a wide spectrum of what you can purchase when it comes to woodworking equipment, and it’s the same when it comes to a beginner table saw.

Because there is such a broad range of features and differences from one table saw to the next, you first need to narrow down what you are looking for.

Since you are only a beginner, there are many aspects of table saws that you won’t need to consider – as you get more experienced in your woodworking career, you may eventually need a more ‘heavy-duty’ table saw.

But, until then, here are some questions to consider when purchasing your first table saw:

  • what is your budget?
  • how much does it cost to ship?
  • does it come with accessories?
  • how much space do you have?
  • what is the table saw dimensions?
  • is there a warranty? if so, what are the warranty terms?
  • what type of lumber (thickness) can this table saw handle for different cuts?
  • how much does it weigh?
  • what are the distances of the rip on the sides of the blade?
  • what is the RPM of the blade?
  • can the table of the table saw extend to allow for larger cuts?
  • does the saw allow for dado blades?
  • what material is the saw made out of?
  • how long does the extension cord stretch?
  • do you need to bring your table saw around to different locations, or can it be stationary?
  • do you know how to safely use a table saw?
  • do you have the proper eye and ear protection?
  • what type of cuts do you need to make with your saw?
  • is this saw easy enough to clean?
  • does the saw have built-in dust collection?

As you can see, there are a lot of subtleties associated with buying a piece of electric woodworking equipment such as a table saw.

Let’s go into some of these questions a bit more in-depth.

Common Accessories & Features

There are a wide range of accessories and features that are typically included in the purchase of a table saw.

You should look for the following accessories:

  • anti-kickback paws (these reduce kickback – a real hazard to using any type of electric saw – while using your table saw)
  • blade guard (this feature keeps your fingers safe and also prevents wood from falling onto the blade)
  • push stick (these are essential and should be used every single time you feed wood into the table saw blade – these protect your hand when pushing wood through the blade)
  • saw blade (most beginner table saws come with a 10-inch blade – if not, you will have to go and purchase one yourself which can be annoying depending on where you live and how far you are from a store)
  • wrenches (these are used to swap out different saw blades, something you will almost definitely have to do at one point or another)
  • miter gauge (this allows your table saw to make cross-cuts at many different angles, which you will likely want to do eventually)
  • dado blades capabilities (plenty of table saws have arbors that are too short to work with a dado blade set, which is something you may deem necessary depending on the type of woodworking you are doing)
  • owner’s manual (this goes without saying, but since you are a beginner it is especially crucial – make sure, wherever you are buying your table saw from, that it comes with a manual)
  • dust collection (table saws naturally produce a lot of waste during use; not only can this damage your saw or make it harder to use, but sawdust is also harmful to breathe in many table saws have built-in dust ports or dust collection features)

These are only some of the many features you may deem important – it all depends on what you want your table saw to do for you.

Stability Is Key

This is a major factor of a good table saw and – for your peace of mind- every saw included in our top #5 in this article is said to be relatively stable.

Stability is important for your safety but also for the quality of your woodcutting as well; the table saw is popular because of its efficiency, power, and accurate cutting.

Without stability, your woodcutting will not be so ‘accurate’.
This is something to look out for in general whenever you are looking at table saws.

Safety First

Obviously, a table saw can be incredibly dangerous – loss of fingers (or worse) does happen, so no matter which table saw you choose to purchase, always remember to be careful and take your time whenever you are cutting lumber.

Here are some other general safety guidelines that you should consider whenever using a table saw:

  • make sure the area and space around your table saw is clear
  • make sure that nothing can fall on you during use of your table saw
  • do not allow anyone to stand near while using your table saw
  • clear the table of the table saw before use
  • wear proper eye protection and gloves
  • always be aware of where your hands are during use of your table saw
  • know exactly what type of cut you are about to do (and how you are going to do it) before turning on the table saw

Your Budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend should have an impact on what table saw you decide to purchase.

Typically, the more you spend, the better the quality – in our opinion, it is worth it (when it comes to such a large investment as a table saw) to pay a little extra to buy a machine that will last twice as long as a cheaper alternative.

That said, if you have a limited budget, it’s not necessary to go in debt to get a better table saw – all the saws included in this article are quality and you should choose one that best fits your budget.

If you’re on a very tight budget, you may also want to consider a used table saw.

Does Portability Matter?

Portability matters only if it matters to you.

Ask yourself the question: do I need to bring my table saw to various locations, or can I leave it stationary?

In this review post, some of the table saws we included are portable and are meant to be brought to the jobsite – others are intended to be left in your workshop and are far too heavy to carry around with you.


There you have it – five different table saws that are perfect for beginner woodworkers.

Any of the five table saws we featured in this article are great for those who are ready to make the investment and purchase a saw that will open up the possibilities of the projects you can take on.

Remember, everyone will prefer different features, accessories, capabilities, and price ranges so make sure to take your time to find out which table saw is best for you.

When it comes to our pick for the best beginner table saw, we went with the SKIL TS6307-00; this table saw has all the accessories you need and it’s stability, considering it’s portability, is very impressive. Not only that, but it is totally affordable and safe for even the most ‘newbie’ woodworkers.

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